At ENSCI-Les Ateliers

Stimulate and inspire your business mindset at a place of highest prestige


ENSCI-Les Ateliers* have been ranked second in European and American schools and universities by the Red Dot Design Ranking in 2016. Established in the former studios of the legendary decorator Jean-Henri Jansen, Ensci-Les Ateliers have kept a workshop spirit, connecting to the ones of the Bauhaus or the Black Mountain College, opening up to the most contemporary technologies. In this special venue Culture, Industry, Science and Digital help future leading professionals solve global issues through design. Renowned French contemporary designers such as Bruno Bellamich-Bell & Ross, François Brument, Eloi Chafaï-Normal Studio, Matali Crasset, Saran Diakité Kaba, Ramy Fischler, Jean-Louis Frechin, Pierre Garner-Elium Studio, Benjamin Graindorge, Constance Guisset, Patrick Jouin, Mathieu Lehanneur, Jean-Marie Massaud, Radi Designers, Inga Sempé, Tsé-Tsé, Marc Venot, Stéphane Villard & Gaëlle Gabillet… graduated from the ENSCI-Les Ateliers.

Celebrating creation, Alessi, Jeff Mills, Yoshi Yamamoto… have elected Ensci-Les Ateliers to organize their shows. Blair Enns' PRICING CREATIVITY will be the first event focussing on a crucial business issue. Over the world, the money issue remains taboo among creative people. Usually, architecture and design schools do not teach any of important business matters. Creative people hardly estimate the real value they create and hardly know how negotiate around the payment they deserve. Setting Blair Enns' provocative message at Ensci-Les Ateliers is a first of a kind and very daring initiative. Enns will guide creative professionals to profit beyond the billable hour, in order to help them win more business, at higher prices and lower cost of sale!


If you are a leader in the creative community then this is the high-level event you have been waiting for.


The workshop participants may visit the school earlier on October 3rd, choosing this option while subscribing.