If you feel that counting billable hours does not set price to the value created through design, and if you have given up already on negotiating or charging for the real value of your expertise or your copyrights, then this is the high-level event you have been waiting for. 

Pricing creativity is an art, Blair Enns explains how to master it.


October 3rd at Ensci-Les Ateliers

A 90-Minutes Ground-Breaking Speech

“It’s my goal to increase the profits of the world’s independent creative firms by more than $100,000,000 a year, and I’m confident Pricing Creativity will do that.”


Blair Enns is an accomplished, and provocative speaker who strives to deliver a talk that leaves a wake of lively debate long after the event has ended. He is devoting much of 2018 to speeches and workshops on five continents in support of his objective to significantly improve the earnings of creative professionals everywhere. Enns believes that by applying his Pricing Creativity principles, rules and tips, the average firm should easily increase their profits by 5% of their current revenue. For example, a firm doing $1m in revenue should be able to add a minimum $50k to their bottom line, with many adding much, much more. Some of Blair’s creative firm clients have increased revenue by more than 50% through his techniques, simultaneously improving profit margin from 4% to 45% in just one year. Pricing Creativity addresses the key principles, rules and tips from the book. This talk leaves the audience not only believing that they can charge much more, but showing them how to do it.


October 5th at Ensci-Les Ateliers

A One-Day Life-Changing Workshop

This workshop is designed to help creative professionals increase their prices and their impact on their clients’ businesses through a shift to value-based engagements and pricing.


“You can intake most of what you need to know about pricing in about 90 minutes,” says Enns. “Then you need to apply it firsthand and practice having the conversations.” The hands-on, exercise-driven workshop combines pricing theory with facilitator Blair Enns’ Win Without Pitching approach to new business development to deliver a unique learning experience designed to lead to immediate pricing wins. “You cannot be an effective pricer if you study pricing alone and eschew some of the complementary skills of selling and negotiating” says Enns, author of Pricing Creativity. The barrier to pricing success in the creative professions, he says, is not knowledge but skill. “Most attempts at value-based pricing in creative firms fail for this reason.” That blended view of pricing, selling and negotiating is what Enns brings to the subject matter, but he is clear that none of these areas is where his true expertise lies. “More than pricing or selling, what I know is the creative mind and the peculiarities that make it difficult for that person to ask to be paid what they are worth.”