Given by design studios and agencies, ranging in size from 2-3 and up to several hundred employees.


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“Perhaps the most valuable event I've attended in a long time. The long term ROI will be outstanding.” Ian Ord, CEO, Fifth Ring

“He's incredibly generous with the amount of immediately applicable content that they share. If you haven't seen, read or listened to any Blair Enns, stop what you're doing and do it now.” Natalie Maher, CEO, Pollitt & Partners

“Understanding the commercial value you add, and how to do value-based pricing, will be the key to unlocking your future growth and profit potential.” Andrew Hoyne, founder and CEO, Hoyne, author of The Place Economy

“The timeless issues of how to price and sell a design project are Blair Enns’ domain. He’s spent a career coaching hundreds of creative firms on how they can improve their finances. Now, thankfully, he’s put that coaching into a book. And it’s excellent.” David Airey, designer; author of Logo Design Love: A Guide to Designing Iconic Brand Identities, and Work for Money, Design for Love

“Blair’s advice on pricing and positioning was invaluable while we were growing MetaLab from a tiny studio to a global brand.” Andrew Wilkinson, founder, MetaLab

“Creative agency owners looking to escape the tyranny of hourly billing will find the myths of value pricing unlocked, and a clear roadmap for financial success.” ANDY BUDD, CEO, Clearleft, founder, UX London

“Our investment in Win Without Pitching delivered the tools, discipline and encouragement we needed to transform our firm from a local agency to a leader in the retail marketing space. Our clients now include global brands that would be the envy of any agency. ”James Cusson, President, Theory House

“Win Without Pitching has made us millions while freeing us to focus all of our powers on helping our clients achieve remarkable successes.” Mark Dimassimo, CEO, DiMassimo Goldstein

“In the history of our firm there was a point where the battles quit being so hard and the wins started coming faster, bigger and easier. What changed? We found Win Without Pitching.” Ryan Gill, Past President, Cult Collective

“This isn’t a book. It’s the solution to one of the most vexing problems facing experts from any field-how to price their expertise.” Carl Richards, founder, The Behavior Gap; creator of The New York Times Sketch Guy Column

“I spent over seven years researching, experimenting and implementing value pricing in my firm. I wish I had Pricing Creativity back then. It’s the only value pricing book I’ve read that provides a clear explanation of both the theory and the practical application. It should be on the shelf of every designer and design firm.” Jon Lax, Design Director, Facebook; founder of Teehan + Lax

Pricing Creativity is a timely, invaluable read for an industry desperately in need of pricing reform.” Gerry Preece, partner, External View Consulting; former Procter & Gamble Global Director of Marketing and Media Procurement; author of Buying Less for Less: How to avoid the Marketing Procurement dilemma

“If you want to secure the successful future of your creative business, read Pricing Creativity from cover-to cover and then act on Blair’s extraordinary advice; it’s always invaluable.” Shan Preddy, partner, PRED,DY&CO; author of How to Run a Successful Design Business, and How to Market Design Consultancy Services

“Blair has given us a treasure map to unlocking a better future by helping us understand the value of what we create, as well as why we struggle to see it.” Carl Smith, founder, Bureau of Digital

Pricing Creativity paves a clear path for creatives to earn higher fees and increase their income through effective structures in working with clients, and by focusing on value instead of effort.” Michael Zipursky, CEO of, author of The Elite Consulting Mind

“Blair Enns is a master at pricing, selling and negotiating design services. Get acquainted with his teachings and incredible insight.” François Caspar, designer, head of the Alliance France Design